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Sausage Man is a game of the recently emerging Battle Royale genre, players in the game will play the role of sausages and will join other players to participate in attractive survival matches in the game.

But if only that, then obviously Sausage Man has not attracted many gamers. You can sing, dance and do many other things in the game. The game is currently available on iOS and Android, but to download it properly, follow the instructions below to download Sausage Man for iPhone and Android.

Download the latest Sausage Man

How to download Sausage Man for iOS

Step 1: First, change the App Store region to Singapore, if you don’t know how to change the country, please see the article How to change the App Store country region. Or choose iTunes account at the top of the list of settings > Media & purchases > View Account > Country/Region.

After selecting Singapore, please select None in the payment link> scroll down and write as shown below and enter your phone number and select Next in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Back to the App Store, if you see the word changed to English as shown below, you have succeeded. Search for the keyword Sausage Man and select Get to download the game.

sausage men ios

Step 3: After downloading the game, boot it up and you will have the option to log in as a guest (Guest Login) or log in with your Taptap account. But remember to tick to agree to the publisher’s terms below.

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sausage men tap tap ios

Create your character name and choose the character gender, then press , Create.

sausage men tap tap ios

Step 4: In the game you will be asked if you need to train first or play right away. If you have never played the survival shooter genre, you can try the tutorial to know how to play. Otherwise, skip and select Ready to start the game and play right away.

sausage men tap tap ios

If you are knocked in the game, you will turn into a small sausage

sausage man sea

Similar to PUBG Mobile or Free Fire Max, you will need your teammates to “coax” you to turn back into an adult.

sausage man apk latest

In addition to running, you will have a few other interesting things like speed cannons, destroy monsters to get items, support magic to teleport… That is also the attraction of many players of the game. Sausage Man.

How to download Sausage Man APK, download Sausage Man Taptap

Download Taptap for Android

Step 1: Visit the Taptap download link above if your device does not have it, select Android to download and install Taptap. Then start Taptap, select the search icon right in the main interface and find Sausage Man.

Step 2: Select Download game and wait for the game to finish downloading, then click Install to install the game.

Accept Game Settings.

sausage man ios

Allows Sausage Man to access certain things like memory, calls…

sausage man ios

Wait a while for the game to download the cache, the capacity will be close to 1GB.

sausage man ios

You can then choose to log in with your Taptap account or other social media accounts like Google, We Chat…In some moments, Sausage Man may be full of servers and slow to load.

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