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Download Vuze

What is Vuze?

Vuze is a free BitTorrent protocol client through which users can download unlimited torrent. Formerly known as Azureus, this content downloader for Windows is quite popular thanks to its feature-rich dashboard. It not only allows users to discover music, videos, movies and games from the dashboard, but also keeps you in the Vuze ecosystem during the process. Ideal for both novice and advanced users, this torrent downloader is also available on Mac devices.

Vuze's interface
Vuze’s interface

Features of Vuze

Publish content directly from the platform

Powered by Azureus Engine, Vuze is a BitTorrent client that allows users to download content using a torrent. Since the application is written in Java, you will require the Java Runtime Environment for it to function. It is free to use and offers a host of features for downloading and uploading media files.

Similar to other torrent downloaders, Vuze for Windows offers instant search, simultaneous downloads and queuing options. However, in addition to these, you can use the tool to explore relevant content, adjust user experience settings, access the software using remote applications, install plugins and widgets. extend.

Intuitive interface

The Vuze download and installation process is quite simple, only takes a few minutes. Once done, you can access an easy-to-use interface that includes a display panel, menu bar, and navigation panel. The dashboard also comes with a built-in video player, search bar, remote control, and automatic transcoding – all subtly placed so as not to overwhelm beginner users. Experts can customize the dashboard using tools and plugins.

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One of the best things about this torrent app is that it comes with an installation called User Proficiency. With this setting, you can adjust your interface experience, such as the features you see according to your torrent experience. You can choose settings for Beginner, next is Intermediate and then Advanced to fully utilize Vuze’s functions.

Feature-rich dashboard

The free version of Vuze has an impressive list of features. For starters, the app comes with a built-in search bar that allows users to search for torrent directly from the dashboard. Also, the details page for any torrent will open in Vuze’s website, thus avoiding potential security problems if the user is redirected to third-party clients.

For added convenience, Vuze for Windows comes with HD video player, allowing users to open and preview files directly from the console. The torrent downloader supports different video formats, including Quicktime, AVI, WMV, MPEG and XVID, so Vuze users won’t need a separate video player. You can also drag and drop videos from your computer library onto the dashboard for easy playback.

This software also gives the user more control over the console and downloads compared to other torrent downloaders. It allows users to block IP addresses if they send bad data and control it with a mobile app. Users can start, pause or stop the download from anywhere. While the Vuze remote control app can be downloaded and used for free, it’s only available for Android devices.

Comes with RSS Feed support

If you need to download torrents periodically or in batches, you’ll be happy to know that Vuze supports RSS Feed subscriptions. With this function, you will receive automatic notifications when new content is available to download. You won’t have to manually initiate the download, and there will be the option to filter different feeds using keywords or file size.

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Option to install extensions and plugins

To enhance functionality, Vuze’s advanced users can add various plugins and extensions as required. Vuze supports various BitTorrent protocols, including magnet link, PEX, LSD, DHT, etc. You can even add a plugin to view a peer’s location and schedule downloads by tracking speed. based on the time of day. In addition to these, there is also an extension that you can add to identify fake torrents as well as an option to view peers in the 3D view.

Premium version comes with additional features

If you’re looking for an ad-free experience, you can pay a small fee to upgrade to Vuze Plus – the premium version of Vuze. Not only does it block ads, but it also allows you to stream movies and shows while downloading. The torrent downloader also comes with a built-in anti-virus software to protect users from fake threats and torrents.


  • Feature-rich torrent downloader
  • Customizable user experience
  • Remote torrent management options
  • Supports plugins and extensions


  • It can be overwhelming for beginners

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