Computer crashes, slow, lag and how to fix them

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Have you noticed that when the computer is idle for a short time, when you turn on the computer and use it again, there will be lag, even a moment of hanging?

This problem occurs on most machines, not just yours. To fix this problem is quite simple, you just need to tweak the “Task Scheduler” a little bit is OK.

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Fix computer crashes, stutter and lag

+ Step 1: Please open the window Tasks Schedule Up by opening the dialog box Run (Windows + R) => enter the command control schedtasks => press Enter to perform.

Or You can manually open it by typing a keyword scheduler task into the search box. Then you open the section Schedule Tasks.

Task Scheduler

+ Step 2: Next, follow the following path to turn off unnecessary items.

Task Scheduler Library Microsoft Windows TaskScheduler

Task Scheduler 1

+ Step 3: You choose as shown in the following picture Disable part Idle Maintenace and part Regular Maintenace let’s go.

=> Now, please Restart the device to apply the changes and check the results slowly 😀


OK! Finished, your computer has been completely overcome, the computer will not run the “Maintenace” file when the computer is idle and the slow, stuttering, lag is no longer available. Hope this little tip will help you.

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Source: Computer crashes, slow, lag and how to fix them
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