What is the difference between SSD and HDD? Note to choose the correct computer hard drive

You’ve heard about SSDs and HDDs. So do you know what’s the difference between them? Here, let’s learn the difference between SSD and HDD through the sharing below.

Although I have been using computers for a long time and have experienced the two most popular types of hard drives on the market, they are: SSDs and HDDs. But do you know what is the difference between SSD and HDD? Find out right through the article below of GhienCongListen Please.

Difference between SSD and HDD


What are SSDs?

SSD hard disk drive, is a semiconductor or electromagnetic drive. In addition to the conventional hard drive HDD, it is one of the two most popular types of computer hard drives today. Traditional hard drives have features that are considered obsolete, so SSDs are created to replace or upgrade them. SSD hard drive is considered the mainstream hard drive for the future, with outstanding features that are constantly being improved by developers.

Difference between SSD and HDD


And for the current trend, every computer or laptop user should own an SSD with at least 125Gb of storage. It will make the use of your computer much more optimal.

What is HDD?

Hard disk drive (HDD) is another term for traditional hard drives. It is one of the two most popular hard drive models today, next to SSDs. Although new types of hard drives with more advanced features are threatening the position of HDDs, in some cases, it is still a good choice for many people.

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Difference between SSD and HDD

Difference between SSD and HDD

Here are a few criteria that GhienCongList uses to evaluate the difference between SSD and HDD. Follow along and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below:

How to operate

HDD is typical for traditional hard drives, so the operation in this hard drive is physical. That is, all actions in the process of reading / writing data are kinetic.

As for SSD hard drives, it is completely different. It doesn’t have any moving parts so the read/write operation is also very different. All components are soldered dead and data extraction and writing is done directly on the memory pages.

Difference between SSD and HDD

Next is in terms of price

As you all know, SSD is now much more expensive than HDD. Equipped with the most modern technologies today as well as being constantly improved and developed, the cost of owning an SSD is relatively more expensive than SSD.

As for the HDD, because SSD is emerging as a new hard drive standard for the near future, the price of an already low HDD is now even lower.

Difference between SSD and HDD


Talking about capacity without mentioning the HDD is a shortcoming. For computer users from the past up to now, the popular HDDs have had a huge capacity, most of which are 500Gb or more. Sometimes it’s 1Tb.

As for SSD drives, having more than 500Gb of memory is not uncommon. Do you think that nowadays it is not possible to have a hard drive only 125Gb that is still bad at this time. But that’s just you don’t know about SSD yet.

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With the development to replace the traditional hard drive that has existed for too long on the market, it is natural that the speed of SSD will be much faster than HDD. But to give you a more intuitive view, please see the illustration below. You will immediately see the difference.

Difference between SSD and HDD

Reliability and durability

Speaking of this, everyone can see that SSD eats out HDD. You may encounter dozens of errors from using HDD but when it comes to SSDs, everything is solved and usually very few errors occur. Because it usually does not encounter too many errors, the durability of SSDs is also very high.

Difference between SSD and HDD

HDD has many errors that make you uncomfortable

Appearance, physical structure

An HDD has a rather bulky structure with physically moving components that are difficult to shrink, so it is quite difficult to manufacture and fine-tune.

A new technology SSD has a much thinner structure than an HDD. There are no moving parts, but instead a chipset that is firmly attached to the circuit board.

Difference between SSD and HDD

The physical structure of SSD and HDD you can refer to

Power consumption, noise, life

As for the power level, an HDD can consume from 6-12 watts of power and for an SSD the figure is only about 2-5 watts.

Because it’s an electronic drive, SSDs have no physical moving parts, so it doesn’t make as much noise as HDDs. A traditional hard drive with magnetic rotation and writing to the surface.

Lifespan here means the number of times and the amount of data you can read/write and erase on the hard drive. While for HDD it is infinite and hard drive only fails when it has hardware damage. And SSD is limited, only in the range of 1000Tb, you are likely to have to replace the hard drive with a new one.

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Difference between SSD and HDD

Finally, versatility

Needless to say when an SSD is born with many technologies and utilities equipped, it will have greater versatility than HDD. Although there are still removable and compact HDDs, all of them are not comparable to SSDs.

Difference between SSD and HDD

Should you choose SSD or HDD?

So in the end, should you choose SSD or HDD? There is no absolute answer because they all have their own advantages and disadvantages and depending on your needs and purposes as well as your financial situation, you should invest from SSD or HDD.

You can also use SSD and HDD in parallel if you still want a big data hard drive to store information and a drive with high read / write speed to perform heavy tasks.

Difference between SSD and HDD

Are you hesitating between SSD and HDD? Think carefully before choosing

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