Instructions for using KMPlayer on Android

A software that can watch almost all video file formats on the phone indispensable for Android Smartphones is KMPlayer.
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KMPlayer is a video viewing software that is not only used a lot on computers but also today KMPlayer It is also widely used for smartphones including operating systems Android ,with readability in multiple formats KMPlayer has conquered many Android users in the world. Today we will guide you to download and use this software.

1.Download and install KMPlayer

Friend download and install KMPlayer according to the link suitable for your device.

– KMPlayer for Android

– KMPlayer for iOS

How do you use kmplayer?How to use kmplayer

2.Using KMPlayer

2.1. Search videos

This is the interface of KMPlayer in Vietnamese, so it’s very easy to use. Section “Any multimedia files” it will list all the videos in memory with full size, resolution and production year of the video.

how to use kmplayer use of kmplayer

Section “File management” you can access and memory card or internal memory to find the videos you want.


You can also search videos by name, by size, or by production time with the option button on the top right .

kmplayer for android

2.2 Functions when you watch videos :

first . Lock screen rotation while watching

2 . Slow motion

3 . Playback 1 video or multiple videos

4 . Zoom in and out of the screen

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In addition, there are other popular functions such as pause, fast forward, rewind, next post, reverse post.

You can change the brightness by sliding your finger vertically on the left side of the screen, change the volume then slide it on the right side of the screen and slide your finger from boy to right to next video.

KMPlayer gives quite good image quality and you can adjust more complex functions in the “General settings

install kmplayer kmplayer update

After a stressful working time, watching a movie or watching a music video on your smart phone is a good way to relax, you can follow the above method to make the best use of KMPlayer for watching entertainment. my mind.

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